Straight stairs allow for the most cost-effective stairlift utilizing a smooth worry-free design that operates with and without electrical power.  The Livogis straight stairlift provides a unique powered footrest that does not require bending down to unfold it.  The stairlift can be brought up or down automatically with a remote control.  Additional safety sensors detect and stop the chair if objects are accidentally left in the path of the lift.

Stairs with a curve or a turn can be easily fitted with a comfortable, smooth curved stairlift.  The curved stairlift glides on two parallel custom-built rails that fit your specific stairs perfectly.  One of the benefits of the curve stairlift is the ability to "park" the chair in a convenient location off the stairs.  This "parking" feature also allows for easier access to the chair at the top and bottom stairs.  Like all Livogis stairlifts, the curved stairlift mounts to the steps, not the wall.

Outdoor stairs can be subject to additional outdoor elements of dirt, rain, salty sea air, and extreme cold.  Livogis outdoor stairlifts are designed specifically to work durably in these conditions.  The outdoor stairlift detects obstructions and provides a safe alternative to slippery, wet stairs all year long.  The seatbelt can also be used as a cargo strap for sending groceries upstairs with the remote control.  It comes with a cover and keyed lock.  

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