• Juliann Davis

Living can be Easier

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Aging at Home Can Be Easier

The mission of Livogis is to be there for our seniors and their caregivers. We want to be a resource when they need help making their home more livable.

When you look at the resources available to seniors today, they are fragmented. "Go here to get a wheelchair...Go here to get a Stairlift...Call this company to get smart lighting...another to find a fall alert system...etc"

Livogis not only provides traditional mobility equipment and ramps, or just smart home technology, or just provide home modifications, but we also are there as a trusted adviser to help you identify possible needs and provide turnkey solutions for families. If we cannot provide the product or service ourselves, we will advise on the available options and coordinate getting it for you. We make it EASY to LIVE in your home.

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