Social Work Staffing

Medical Social Work Staffing

Improving outcomes for patients

and home medical providers


Medical Social Work Staffing

Livogis Social Work Staffing Solutions provide value to home health care, hospice, and skilled nursing providers.  Let Livogis join or lead your social work team.  Our skilled social workers are managed by Licensed Clinical Social Workers and are trained to work in home health and hospice 


Reduce Costs

Eliminate recruitment, pre-employment, insurance, benefits, and other costs associated with having staff social workers



Staffing coverage when there is a surge in need without the staff to cover it


Fill Staffing Gaps

Cover larger geographical areas or expand the current social work staff cannot cover geographical areas or you are in between employees


Vacation Holidays

Get coverage when staff 


Start-up Business

When you can't justify a full-time person yet or you don't have the means to hire and manage a staff social worker


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