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Medical social workers play an important role on your interdisciplinary team.  Social workers improve your patient outcomes by addressing psychosocial and environmental barriers to care.  Livogis Care Solutions provides medical social work on a contract basis to help you meet staffing requirements and provide better outcomes for your patients.  From temporary staffing to complete program design and clinical supervision, Livogis Care Solutions has you covered.


Livogis provides geriatric care management services with a personalized approach to help seniors and their families during on-going health challenges.  Livogis Care Solutions provides professional guidance to families helping them to navigate the available supports, ensure quality care, and optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress, and time off work.   


Our geriatric care team provides: 

  • Assessment and monitoring

  • Planning and problem-solving

  • Education and advocacy

  • Family caregiver coaching

Help keep your patients safe at home by reducing environmental risks.  Livogis Care Solutions provides personalized home assessments to identify risks in the home related to the environment, the tasks performed, and the abilities of a senior.  Livogis provides a complete analysis of the home and makes applicable recommendations for changes or adaptions that can reduce further risks and keep seniors safe and comfortable as they age in place. 


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