1. Is this Aging at Home Needs Review for you or for a loved one?
2. Are you interested in the convenience of voice activated or automated ligting?
3. Do you or your loved one sometimes feel unsturdy on your feet or have a fear of falling?
4. Do you have difficulty going up and down the stairs in your home?
5. Would you enjoy being able to communicate more easily with your family, friends, and loved ones
6. Do you currently use a mobility device (wheel chair, rollator, walker, cane) to move around your home
7. Would you like the convenience of knowing who is coming & going from your home?
8. Would you enjoy the assistance with household cleaning technologies?
9. Do you ever forget and leave an appliance running?
10. Rate your comfort level with computers and smart phones.
11. Which of these smart home or assistive products would you like more information about?


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